The design and retailing of baby and toddler clothes represents a substantial part of the clothing industry. The British market is dominated by the multiple stores such as Marks & Spencer, F.W. Woolworth, C & A, Boots the Chemist, British Home Stores and Little-woods, and supplemented by specialist ones, particularly "baby world boutique" UK Ltd and Stephan, as well as department stores such as John Lewis and House of Fraser. The latter sell more up-market "baby clothes" by companies such as Heskia and Team-sport, and they compete as much with the numerous small specialist shops selling foreign "childrens clothes", particularly French and Italian, as with the multiples. Attention to design is increasingly important to retailers in order to differentiate products, particularly in terms of "kids clothes" significantly at the lower end of the Market.

Many of the shops produce brochures and catalogs promoting their baby and childrens ranges, and they also advertise and fund expensive features in women's and parent/mother to be magazines. This article examines the design and promotion of baby and toddler fashions (particularly for girls) in relation to representations of gender identity through a case study of recent company promotional catalogs and brochures, particularly those produced by the Boots and Chemist chain. As I will show, gender differentiation, along fairly conventional lines, is clearly discernible in both baby and toddler clothes. Not surprisingly this differentiation of children by means of gendered clothing both reflects and reinforces traditional gender representations and identities already dominant within our contemporary society.

For most of these "childrens clothes" manufactures and retailers, the visual images which are used to promote and sell their products are of increasingly critical importance in a highly competitive marketplace. Both the images and the specific designs communicate powerful ideas about 'ideal' lifestyles, appropriate consumer (and class) aspirations and gender identity. Although for many parents of a new born baby, there are greater priorities than deciding how to dress it, there is increasing pressure, especially on women, to dress small "kids clothes" is fashionable. All those months of anticipation and the actual period of pregnancy prepare prospective parents to consume. It is very difficult to resist the 'baby industry'. By the eighth month the mother, in particular, has generally given up on herself as an active consumer of clothes and has reduced most matters of personal dress down to one essential question is it comfortable? For her, it is a welcome diversion to shop for "baby clothes" and baby paraphernalia. For those able and prepared to spend, there is plenty of choice.
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However, for many parents looking for and buying "baby clothes" is more than a diversion. Aided and abetted by grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends it is part of the process of beginning to give an identity to the awaited baby, and trying to make sense of its likely needs in relation to one's own expectations, particularly in terms of the baby's sex. The most frequently asked questions, is still 'what do you want , a boy or a girl?' And, after the birth, 'is it a boy or a girl?' But it is about more than the baby's 'identity' - to some extent a reflection of that of the parents - indeed, the well-dressed baby or child is an attractive adult accessory, a cuddly status symbol.

At the forefront of people's minds is the sex of the baby and associated with this are their perceptions of the importance of communicating this in dress. In choosing baby and children clothes, people recognize the power of design (color, pattern, style and type of garment) to signify gender difference with a clarity not usually evident in their reading and understanding of other aspects of design. However, as with adult dress, it is not a question of gender alone. Although some may reject the ostentatious display of money evident in Italian baby equipment taste and style by buying from select shops which stock hand-made, 'ethnic' or 'heritages' goods. In provincial towns and cities in the North and the Midlands, taste and style are possibly more restricted because of fewer alternatives to the national chains, multiples and department stores. In these outlets design status is closely aligned with price: 'how much' competes with fashionable design knowledge as an important selection criterion.

Significantly, large and expensive items of baby equipment such as cots, buggies, prams, and changing tables are not strongly gendered. Cots and changing tables are usually white or natural wood colors, and buggies and prams are often grey or dark blue - neutral colors used for equipment which has to be selected before the baby's sex is known and which is often used for more than one baby. The gendering comes with the accessories which include cosy-toes buggy quilts, col linen (duvet and bumper covers), and of course, cot toys such as mobiles. Other highly desirable items for new babies are lavish suits and dresses which are often combined with hand-knits featuring complex stitches, ribbons and bows. The sheer impracticality of these white (gender-neutral), festooned, garments defies comprehension except in so far as their meaning is way beyond the mundane concepts of 'machine wash-ability'. 'The whiter than white wash' which Phil Goodall has described elsewhere takes on a new significance when thinking of the maintenance required for five or six possible outfits worn in one day by a new-born, vomit-prone baby. These ostentatious creations, masquerading as "baby clothes", are statements of love and represent a positive commitment to the baby's future in the commodity that is of necessity foremost in the minds of many parents, money. Above everything they are symbolic of the desire to give the baby a good start in life!
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Like contemporary men's and women's, baby and toddler clothes convey implicit assumptions about gender, as Elizabeth Wilson has argued: 'Fashion is obsessed with gender, defines and redefines the gender boundary. But babies and children are even more vulnerable to the attitudes of others than are adults. Parents and relatives decide what the child will wear. Generally parents delight in dressing their offspring in the clothes which they have bought or have been given and, in the main, these are heavily gendered. Conflict across generations can occur when parents transgress gender boundaries; for example by dressing female babies and small children in dungarees instead of dresses. Significantly, it is less socially acceptable to dress boys in girls clothes than vice versa ; even the 'heritaged' little Lord Fauntleroy look is a feminized version of regular boys clothes. Nevertheless for some parents, undermining and defying the establishment of rigid gender identities through their children clothes take on special significance as they observe the explicit and implicit assumptions about gender identity represented in them. Making sure little girls wear tracksuits and trousers becomes just as important as making sure that they play with tools and building bricks as well as with dolls. This strategy is just one of those adopted by certain parents to try to counter the early 'negative' effects of gender stereotyping in relation to femininity.

The design and advertising of babies and "childrens clothes" undoubtedly reinforces the gendering of the identities for boys and girls. Just as design prescribes particular gender roles and attitudes for adults, so it does for infants: 'design practice and theory operates with specific notions of femininity, which formulates and organize women's time, skills, work, our in-habitation of space and our conceptions of self in relation to others. Although writing generally here, baby and "kids clothes" provide an excellent case with the innocuous seeming garments, as an attempt is made, through design and advertising, to identify, differentiate and fix gender identity at a stage when it is precarious and only partially established. Characteristically clothes for female babies and young girls contribute to the formulation of certain codes of behavior, types of play, and social interaction which reinforce dominant ideals of femininity. Girl toddlers in particular learn to look at themselves, to seek admiration from others for their appearance, and to display their clothes. This is partly because of parental influences, partly the desire for peer group approval, and partly pressure from the design and retailing industries which generate desirable 'female' images for girls aged two years, two ,months or even two days.

The most striking characteristics of the visual images of babies and toddler used to sell clothes in magazines and company brochures is the wholesale adaption of contentions of representation taken from adult clothes but representations of "baby clothes" are shaped by the same process. Like the models promoting adult products, the babies and toddlers are beautiful, healthy, and predominantly white. Although the current Mother-care and boots catalogs  include one or two black and Asian children, all the depictions of 'parents' are white. Parenthood is usually represented in these brochures by glamorous image of slim, youthful and stylish mothers who betray none of the usual signs of wear and tear resulting from caring who betray and children. Not surprisingly in this fantasy land of perfect families, all the mums look happy and fulfilled; there are few signs of women torn by the conflicts of work outside and inside the home combined with the relentless demands of childcare.
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In conclusion, the representation of gender difference in the design and promotion of babies and "children clothes" is clearly recognizable from the first month after birth. Both babies and toddlers fashions replicate the conventions found in adult clothes which signify gender difference. Not only are types of garments, such as dresses or trousers, used for this, but also color, pattern, decoration and very importantly, the styling and display of the garments on baby and child models. It is these fashionable images, at the core of advertising and promotional literature, showing parents how items of dress should be put together which are particularly powerful. They delineate and, arguably, inscribe particular visual ideals of femininity and masculinity which from this study appear wholly conventional. Little girls are dressed decoratively using traditional dress codes and they adopt passive poses reminiscent of fashion models in contemporary magazines, whereas little boys sport functional clothes which enable them to interact with the environment in an assertive and imposing manner.

For those of us who are mothers of daughters, and who have ourselves gained pleasure and enjoyment from wearing clothes and creating fashionable images which, whilst coded in various ways as 'feminine', are also questioning, subversive and/or empowering, it is disconcerting to observe these affirmations of gender differences which seek to position them as powerless, 'essentially' decorative and waif-like. Hopefully, we will have the skill and subtlety to pass on to them 'positive' as well as 'negative' aspects of femininity as represented in dress and also the possibility of their subversion.

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The Simplest Hot-Weather Baby Outfits are the coolest. In general, well-cut, one piece sun suits are supported from and fitted to the shoulders are the best. They must be deeply cut out about the arms, neck and legs and more coolness and exposure to the sun they may even have net tops. As looseness throughout the suits allows the air to circulate about the body and also helps to keep a child cool. Belts close fittings bends and tight elastics make a suit warmer.

Every part of the sun suits should be cut so that it allows activity without catching and restricting or sliding out of place. Many suits have to be adjusted constantly. Shoulder straps slide off, ill-shaped panties pull up uncomfortably in the crotch, and halter ties do not stay tied. Also there are many suits with bothersome little slashes and ruffles that are not appropriate on hot weather clothes. Sun suits, like other types of Baby Clothes , Children Clothes, need to fit comfortable.

Too often they are purchased at bargains counter, and the extremely low prices means skimped and poorly proportioned suits. They may look well enough when the child is standing quietly, but rarely are they made with enough length in the back to give room for squatting.

Next in importance is the appropriate design and good fit are the materials. They should be soft, smooth and cool to the touch. A little handling will soon prove that fabrics differ noticeable in the last quality. For the lower part of the sun suits, some of the softer qualities of gingham, percale and seersucker are satisfactory and for the tops, coarse quality curtain marquisette. For the ensembles for little girls, lawns are also attractive. Workmanship in hot weather Baby Clothes must be strong and lasting to withstand frequent washing and hard wear. Sun suits may be more colorful and gray than other garments because they are for outdoor wear. If any decoration is desired, used contrasting binding or flat shaped facings.

The Simplest Hot-Weather Baby Outfits shown here illustrate the following points:

Low cut about the neck and arms, yet high enough in the waist back to keep the shoulders from slipping. Easy to put off and take off. Short length and round leg openings that fits comfortably. Matching Dress or jackets for cool mornings or for going away from home. Fitted shoulders that stay in place. Easy to wash and iron. Economical and simple to make. Not quickly outgrown. Durable material with a soft, cool texture and sufficient body to look well and require no starch. A pocket placed at hand level for a handkerchief.

Weather the child is to be protected from extreme cold, snow or chilly rain, the same general type of protective outdoor play suit is satisfactory. The difference is only the choice of material. In most cases warmth is the first consideration, but this does not necessarily call for heavy fabrics. Contrary to the common idea, some of the warmest outfits are surprisingly light weighted and some of the heaviest are not warm at all. Good play suits fabrics are also flexible and pliable enough not to interfere with or hamper the movements of the Kids Clothes. A winter play suit more than any other garment a child wears, has to be durable.

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Baby Clothes is a very difficult to choose for parents because there are lot varieties in today’s market. Someone decide to choose for celebrity types of clothes. Baby clothes are designed are same as boys and girls clothes.

Clothing Stores that specialize in baby wear, keep clothes of many brands, stylish, good looking, and fashionable. Buying clothes would become a daily affair. Therefore, most baby clothing stores advise parents to purchase clothes that are slightly bigger in size than required.

Baby clothes cannot be made from all kinds of materials. They should be soft, comfortable, durable and easily washable because baby's skin is soft, it is easily scratched. Synthetic clothes are not a suitable choice. All baby clothing stores stock up on all-natural or mixed type clothes.

Clothes for newborns are always made from pure cotton. Clothes are made without any laces since toddlers can easily entangle themselves. Many baby clothing stores in fact, keep clothes that are funky yet functional. These are often from well known brands and can cost higher than regular wears.

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    Moms and dads want to provide the best for kids. They choosing of the various baby items to the doctor for their children. The best choice for kids is natural kid clothing. Other natural baby items are also available like natural kid items, toys, providing glasses and containers, bath system etc. In making these natural kid bed bedding and natural kid clothes, only natural cotton is used. These materials do not contain dangerous colors, contaminants, and bug sprays. Natural items are excellent not only for adults but also for children.

Non-organic child outfits, however, is made from pure cotton that have been created and harvested with the large use of substance plant foods and bug sprays. Doing so also allows mother and father have satisfaction that their children are free from the risk of taking in synthetic colors and substances that are generally included in non-organic outfits.

Looking for natural child outfits and organic child crib bedding makes your child safe from risky harmful toxins, substances, and colors. They are also good to wear as they are made from comfortable and soft materials. They are also available in various styles.

In the present day where many producers of various types of items use dangerous substances, the well being and wellness of children could be compromised. Mother and father are now selecting natural items for their valuable ones. Being ecologically accountable is easy if you use natural child outfits and natural child crib bed linens for your little one.
Genuine pure cotton may be one of the most versatile vegetation on the world, but with the amount of bug fumigation and bug fumigation engaged in their production it can also be said that pure cotton is the most serious vegetation on the world. It takes roughly one lb of artificial place meals and ingredients to generate three pure cotton covers.

Once pure cotton becomes outfits, traditional products are still revealed to harmful shades and chemical finishes that reduce and protect. The health and fitness risks for village workers include bronchial asthma, critical damaging and cancer when working with typically extended pure cotton. Consider for a moment how continues to be of these harmful toxins will impact your kid's skin and respiration when dressed in outfits created of this pure cotton.

Even though organic pure cotton village owners only account for around 1% of pure cotton production, the market is improving, nearly 15% each year. And the market will keep growing as more and more green mother and father choose organic pure cotton kid clothing, bed linens and magnificent toys and games for their kids. Third party organic certification includes exams; floor, water and managing place examining and certification specifications to assurance all specifications are met.

Organic pure cotton kid clothing is one of the fastest increasing areas of the organic pure cotton activity. This is for justification due to children and babies’ skin allergic reactions and the like. Baby clothing created with organic pure cotton is better and healthier for your kid than typically extended pure cotton clothing. The best and easiest way to support organic pure cotton is through personal purchases or gifts to loved ones.

Natural pure cotton kid clothing does not use ingredients in improving or managing and is the best solution for the world's atmosphere and the health and fitness of your children. Help your kid start off a better, healthier life in clothing designer of natural pure cotton.

One of the most well-known problems for new parents is kid outfits. Kids are awesome and awesome kid outfits only aim to 'up' the adorability element. That said, celebrity young people are among the best dressed on the world, which gives to the element that most superstars are of the element that every kid should get to be well dressed.

Little ones usually have more delicate epidermis than do adults. What this implies is that it's important outfits does not merge, rub, or irritate that kid sleek epidermis. On the globe of kid style, high-quality outfits that's made particularly to provide the body of a little person and epidermis that is often delicate is important.

Most new mother and father find out that a brief stint of "celebrity watching" will reveal what superstar kids are wearing. Mom and dad can usually rest confident that the outfits they see on the kids of celebrities is the best the globe of kid design has to provide.

When considering kid outfits, parents want their kids to look outstanding, but they also want outfits to last. For kids who have acquired the arriving level, top quality long lasting outfits is a must. Some of them are even prepared with extra support in you to help properly secured kid's skin while arriving.

Strength in kid clothing is also a must because of regular washing. Children continually throw up, circulation things, have the regular nappy strike outs, and can be usually disturbing. As a result, most parents end up doing more washing cleaning washing laundry than they ever thought possible. Because they often need regular washing -- it's important that they be long lasting.

They should also look for outfits that is relaxed and developed to provide kid's sensitive skin, and that comfort should not come without style. Comfortable and fashionable kid outfits are available through some of the most well-known superstar developers. And, moreover to everything else, mother and father should look for kid outfits that is resilient and can keep up against the rough-and-tumble world of a kid, as well as the frequent washing that is usually inevitable on the world of baby-dom.

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One of the most well-known problems for new moms and dads is kid clothing. Children are awesome. Amazing kid clothing only aim to 'up' the adorability aspect.

Celebrity young people are among the best wearing the world, which gives to the aspect that most celebrities are of the aspect that every kid should get to be well clothed.

In the world of kid design, high-quality clothing that's designed particularly to provide the whole whole body system of a little individual and skin that is often sensitive is important. The best kid clothing developers put dedication into guaranteeing that every clothing is perfect.

Parents can usually relax assured that the clothing they see on the children of celebrities is the best the world of kid design has to provide.

When considering kid clothing, moms and dads want their children to look outstanding, but they also want clothing to last. Durability in kid clothing is also a must because of frequent washing.
All different natural elements have different framework and experience, so you have a comprehensive wide variety of choice about the type of natural material you may use for your kid.

Organic clothing is especially exciting to mother and father who also want to use more environment-friendly items. Outfits are resilient because of the strength of their fabric; yet, they are also as sleek as sleek smooth sleek smooth soft silk. No wonder that natural clothing is competitive go to go with natural genuine authentic genuine pure cotton clothing in company.

According to the regular knowing, these substances are cleaned out of the clothing during their production and cleaning. But notice elements of these risky elements stay. Inorganic clothing does not have this problem. Rather than use bug fumigations, natural genuine genuine genuine genuine genuine cotton town owners use specific insect control.

During production, care is taken to make sure that no synthetic material or material comes in contact with them. This contains synthetic shades, which are not used in the defending of natural baby clothing.