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The Simplest Hot-Weather Baby Outfits are the coolest. In general, well-cut, one piece sun suits are supported from and fitted to the shoulders are the best. They must be deeply cut out about the arms, neck and legs and more coolness and exposure to the sun they may even have net tops. As looseness throughout the suits allows the air to circulate about the body and also helps to keep a child cool. Belts close fittings bends and tight elastics make a suit warmer.

Every part of the sun suits should be cut so that it allows activity without catching and restricting or sliding out of place. Many suits have to be adjusted constantly. Shoulder straps slide off, ill-shaped panties pull up uncomfortably in the crotch, and halter ties do not stay tied. Also there are many suits with bothersome little slashes and ruffles that are not appropriate on hot weather clothes. Sun suits, like other types of Baby Clothes , Children Clothes, need to fit comfortable.

Too often they are purchased at bargains counter, and the extremely low prices means skimped and poorly proportioned suits. They may look well enough when the child is standing quietly, but rarely are they made with enough length in the back to give room for squatting.

Next in importance is the appropriate design and good fit are the materials. They should be soft, smooth and cool to the touch. A little handling will soon prove that fabrics differ noticeable in the last quality. For the lower part of the sun suits, some of the softer qualities of gingham, percale and seersucker are satisfactory and for the tops, coarse quality curtain marquisette. For the ensembles for little girls, lawns are also attractive. Workmanship in hot weather Baby Clothes must be strong and lasting to withstand frequent washing and hard wear. Sun suits may be more colorful and gray than other garments because they are for outdoor wear. If any decoration is desired, used contrasting binding or flat shaped facings.

The Simplest Hot-Weather Baby Outfits shown here illustrate the following points:

Low cut about the neck and arms, yet high enough in the waist back to keep the shoulders from slipping. Easy to put off and take off. Short length and round leg openings that fits comfortably. Matching Dress or jackets for cool mornings or for going away from home. Fitted shoulders that stay in place. Easy to wash and iron. Economical and simple to make. Not quickly outgrown. Durable material with a soft, cool texture and sufficient body to look well and require no starch. A pocket placed at hand level for a handkerchief.

Weather the child is to be protected from extreme cold, snow or chilly rain, the same general type of protective outdoor play suit is satisfactory. The difference is only the choice of material. In most cases warmth is the first consideration, but this does not necessarily call for heavy fabrics. Contrary to the common idea, some of the warmest outfits are surprisingly light weighted and some of the heaviest are not warm at all. Good play suits fabrics are also flexible and pliable enough not to interfere with or hamper the movements of the Kids Clothes. A winter play suit more than any other garment a child wears, has to be durable.

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